Consortium as a Whole

The complexity of the HEART project arises from the variety of  required expertise that implies knowledge from medicine/biology, computational fluid dynamics, mechanics, electrical and computing domains.

The setup of the consortium takes into consideration the above mentioned aspects and, thus, each technical partner has been chosen because of specific qualities which they bring to the project in terms of excellence in their field, e-health expertise and international research experience and exposure.

The CO UTB expertise in computantional fluid dynamics, GPU/embedded processing  and visualisation is complemented and augmented by SIE’s vast experience in the healthcare domain, in general, and in patient specific modeling, in particular for this project. UPB enhances the project with its broad experience in cloud computing and its high interest in the bio-informatics topics. SPFLO’s  presence – one of the top hospital-clinics from Romania- guarantees that correct understanding, assesment and validation procedures on medical cardio-vascular side are secured.

Each team inside the project partners is an excellent combination of researchers with broad experience and achievements and highly-skilled young scientists.

The infrastructure already available through each partner strongly supports the right matching between the targets of the project and the possibilities to simulate and validate the outcomes of the reserach. CO UTB brings in its top GPU processing platform while P2 UPB contributes with its high-performance cloud infrastructure. HEART project will benefit (with proper adjustments for the goals of this project) from the 3D heart models that have already been developed by SIE and which will constitute a crucial component for the multi-scale approach towards the cardio-vascular models adressed by the project. SPFLO brings the set of equipment (Computer Tomograph, Doppler, etc.) available in the hospital for performing the corresponding patient measurements.

The HEART partners believe that the consortium composition represents a good balance between industrial, clinical, technical and academic to address the challenges implied by making steps towards the development of a growing cardio-vascular models and towards the uptake of personalised precision medicine in this field.