The joined HEART partners contribution makes available the necessary infrastructure that allows to perform the activities required to reach the project goals:

  • model development (access to scientific databases, mathematical modelling tools),
  • implementation and simulation (processing platforms with corresponding licenceses,
  • acquisition & model validation (medical equipment to visualize and store & storing patient specific data).

There is the commitment from the Country Lead of Siemens Romania Healthcare organisation to support the project having also the disponibility to make available for the medical measurements the latest medical equipment (e.g Siemens Ultraound SC2000T machine) if this is requested by the partners.

HEART does not plan to acquire additional HW equipment that shall be used directly to the scientific activities but will invest a small budget in support equipment. In fact, the project budget goes in a significant majority towards personal effort, the rest being practically dedicated for dissemination and project specific meetings. It has to be underlined SIE commitment in co-financing and sponsoring significantly the personal effort as a consequence of the Program funding model (no indirect costs are eligible for industrial partners).

The activities and responsibilities in the project are planned in such a way that the partners are, mainly, not depending in performing the assigned tasks on the HW resources existing by other partner. CO UTB, SIE and UPB will need, as input at certain moments, medical data from SPFLO for assessing and validating the models. The data acquisition will be done by SPFLO based on the protocols joined defined and the validation will be performed in joined consortium sessions.

For more details on the committed infrastructure, see each partner’s page.